Air Compressor

3 Types of Air Compressors

Over the years, air compressors and air tools in general have evolved to play more integral and greater roles in the home and industrial applications. It is a source of compressed air for aerospace production devices and provides contaminant-free, clean pressurized air.

1. Silent Air Compressor

With noise lower than 70dB, this air compressor is needed such as hospital and clinic. This machine is using auto-drain construction, which can make the output air more dry. Portable and lightweight.

  • 1 HP / 30L tank
  • 1 HP / 60L tank

2. Medium Air Compressor

Medium-pressure compressors which have a discharge pressure minimum of 151 per square inch

  • 2 HP / 60L tank
  • 3 HP / 60L tank

3. Large Air Compressor

This design to have a large horse power and high capacity of tank.

  • 2 HP / 100L tank
  • 2 HP / 110 L tank
  • 2HP / 100L – 150L tank
  • 3 HP / 100L – 150L tank


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